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When it comes to cyber security, Orbit Cyber team understands the often-competing requirements of the OT (Operational Technology) and IT (Information Technology) domains, which are also known as ICS (Industrial Control Systems & Enterprise Technology Systems. With expertise in OT, plus robust capabilities in strategy and governance, security transformation, cyber defense and digital response services, Orbit Cyber team knows how to discuss cyber security in a meaningful language for all parties — from systems engineers to CIOs —and develop solutions on both sides of the fence.

Our Value to Customers

Unified Guidance

Industrial IoT environment could span multiple geographies, cultures, work and operational styles. Orbit Cyber provides unified technical and security guidance that is globally applicable.


Orbit Cyber provides the business and executive team visibility into the strategic, tactical and operational security goals and programs. While executives focus on business outcomes, Orbit Cyber focuses on security outcomes.

Optimal Protection

Orbit Cyber helps you find the right balance of the required safety and protection measures at the enterprise level. We strengthen the cyber security defense status of our customers, so that they are adequately equipped to face, mitigate or respond to and quickly bounce back from cyber threats and incidents.

Our Offering

Cyber Security Services On Demand

Cyber IoT and IIoT Services

Readiness Assessment - IEC 62443 Readiness, NERC-CIP Readiness, NIST - ICS Readiness

Cloud Security Assessment

Digital Transformation Blueprint

Site Assessment Testing

Cyber Information Technology

Readiness Assessment - ISO 27001, SOC, NIST, FedRAMP, RMF Readiness

Privacy & GDPR Assessment


Cloud Security Solution Design

Digital Transformation

IoT Cyber Security


Security Operations

SecOps Maturity Assessment

Cyber Threat Detection & Forensics/

Third Party Risk Assessment

Security & Penetration Testing

Honey Pot & Deception Management

AI & ML Security

Product Security

Threat Modeling


Fuzz Testing, Secure Code Reviews

Secure SDL and DevSecOps

Secrets Management & Security Engineering

Bug Bounty Programs

Bug Triaging

Bounty Management

Remediation & Mitigation

Phishing Campaign

Cyber IoT & IIoT
Cyber IT
Sec Ops
Product Security
Bug Bounty

Our Team

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